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Al Mizan School

Fees Guidance 

There are two modes of payment for schoo fees. Parents can pay in full or in instalments over a period of three terms. An early bird discount of £100 is applied to parents that offer to pay the full fees upfront at the start of the year before the first instalment deadline. You can pay the child’s tuition fees by card or bank transfers. For card payments, we only accept Master, Maestro and Visa.  When making any payments please remember to reference with your child’s name and year group. We do not accept cash payments.


Parents who paid one term’s fees to secure the place in school must pay the remaining balance for the whole year to be eligible for advance payment discount. Sibling discounts are available as stated; 2nd Child 10%, third child 15%, 4th child 20% of the tuition fees. No sibling discount is available from 5th child onwards. Parents need to be aware that there must be two siblings on roll at the same time to be eligible for sibling discount.  If a child graduates or leaves the school, the second child will not be entitled to the discount anymore.

Please note that all fees are non-refundable.


Deadlines for fee payments

  • 2nd of July (for 1st Term, Sep to Dec)
  • 2th of December (for 2nd Term, Jan to March)
  • 2nd of March (for 3rd Term, April to July)

If these days fall in the weekend, then last day for the payment of fees will be the preceding Friday.


Parents must plan ahead so that they can keep up with their commitment. However, under unforeseeable circumstances if parents face difficulties to meet the deadline, they must write to the Headteacher to secure an extension before the deadline. Please note the Headteacher has limited authority to grant an extension. If it is beyond his authority, he will ask the parents to write to the governors who may grant or decline to extend.


Notice of withdrawal

If parents want to withdraw their child from the school, they must provide a minimum of a term notice. 65 school days equate to one term's notice. If parents withdraw their child without advance notice, they will be required to pay one term’s fees after the child left the school. The following chart below states dates of notification that will be accepted.


For the day of leave

Last day of notification

1st day of Autumn Term (September)

30th of April (End of Spring Term)

1st day of Spring Term (January)

1st of September (Preceding year)

1st day of summer term

1st of January

Notice in the middle of the term will be calculated on the basis of 65 school days