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We at London East Academy and Al Mizan Junior School have forged partnerships and affiliation with local businesses,organisations and companies.

They have been supporting our schools through various contributions such as sponsoring projects, providing food for events, providing work placements to prepare our students for adult life and other various initiatives.

Furthermore, our partners and affiliates act as a benefactors and supporters to our promotional events that occur outside and within the school premises. These events and projects enable the school to showcase the excellent work our students do and engages the community in better understanding the important roles and responsibilities our students have, to be active citizens in society. The income generated from our sponsors and partners is then re-invested in student projects, incentivised programmes to enrich learning, and improving resources and student experiences at our schools.

Our sponsors and partners are committed to providing support for our community at large and in particular, our school community where the schools are striving to provide the best educational services by heavily relying on tuition fees which is at the same time affordable by our parents. It was the vision of East London Mosque to provide outstanding educational facilities and was able to achieve that dream through public support and donations. The support we receive from our sponsors and partners is much appreciated and acknowledged by ourselves and the mosque. We are confident our affiliation with will grow stronger and above all enable us to fulfil our vision as Islamic schools.